Autoharvest Week 3 Report


First of all, all Autoharvest team members would like to express their highest gratitude to all farmers who joined Autoharvest🙌. During this week, more and more farmers joined Autoharvest, and at the same time, more and more farmers received the benefits they expected. 🏅

🏆Weekly Summary

We got a huge progress in technology and community during the past week.🎉

⏫New investment pool⏫

🏧There are some new pools in the Autoharvest in the future to make more choices for farmers to farming:


We have sent the contract to relevant companies for a comprehensive security review. At present, relevant companies have carried out a comprehensive inspection as soon as possible, and we expected to have results around November 23, 2020.

📡 Social Media

Start farming in our website:



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