It’s time to make yield farming easier more


Autoharvest has learned and grown a lot in the past few weeks. The team members collected all the suggestions made by farmers, measured the feasibility of each suggestion, and implemented them one by one🔔. It can be said that the growth of Autoharvest is inseparable from all farmers. In order to allow more farmers to join Autoharvest and help us grow, Autoharvest users can invite friends, and when friends complete their investment in Autoharvest, you will get a 10% commission💰.

🏆Weekly Summary

The interface of the website has been upgraded, divided into three categories: special reward pool, activity pool and inactive pool, making the information clearer! 🔭

The newly added 3CRV investment pool allows our farmers to have more places to start farming! 🧬

🔐 We have connected the audit work with the audit company and sent the contract to relevant companies for a comprehensive security review. At present, relevant companies have carried out a comprehensive inspection as soon as possible, and we expected to have results around November 23, 2020.

As of Sunday (November 22, 2020) at 6 pm, the overall situation of Autoharvest is as follows:

🏦Total Volume Locked: 285,000 USD

🤑Expected Annualized profit: 641,471 USD

⏫New investment pool⏫

🧬CRV pool:


Get the address of 3CRV:

For a tutorial on how to pledge 3CRV, please read our mining tutorial in Medium!


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Within one week, Autoharvest’s audit will be completed, and the audit report will be announced to all our farmers within one week, so that all of our farmers can farming in Autoharvest with peace of mind! 🎇

🎁Autoharvest team members have tested Autoharvest and confirmed that Autoharvest does not currently have any bugs! Nevertheless, Autoharvest members will continue to detect unknown bugs and continue to upgrade Autoharvest to cope with possible problems in future DeFi projects.

🤝We look forward to cooperating with more farmers. We believe that Autoharvest will definitely get better and better, and establish a farmers cooperative that will bring you huge profits. Let all our Farmers #Happy Farming!

It’s time to make yield farming easier more